Dear players! Pleased to inform you of the new launch server x5000.
We have fully analyzed all the shortcomings that were missing in the server x1000 for the majority of players, completely refined the server, added a reward WCoin for killing bosses, added so beloved by players command auto-reset, but with a decrease in exp, and more... For players x1000 server will be available to transfer its game character to the x5000 in 7 or 10 days after the launch server x5000. Server settings are the same as in the x1000, but with some changes in the form of WCoin awards for grands-resets, no sale of game items, all available only in game way. Playing will be more comfortable and on par with all, we hope you like these rates. We are waiting for all those who left the server and did not meet their expectations of the game.

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Dear players! We are glad to welcome you on our server. Our server is set up for the economy of crafting all new items, which will increase the demand for all new mixes. We have no in-game items for sale, with the exception of game currency Wcoin. To make the game as interesting as possible, almost all events and bosses appear every hour. More information about the server can be found in (About the server).

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